Monthly Archives: December 2012

Pop-Up Showcase: Pocket Paper Engineer

Here at the studio we’re always looking for new pop up books, and I have to say we’re very excited for Carol Barton’s newest book, The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 3: V-Folds! Ms. Barton has created many pop up books and instructional pop up books that I recommend to people who want to learn more about making pop ups.

This third volume deals with V-Folds and how to create and integrate them into your pop ups.  This book is filled with tutorials and has ten do-it-yourself projects that are inside the book!  You can check out more about this book and order it on Ms. Barton’s website.

Artist Watch: Tyree Callahan

I first encountered the Chromatic Typewriter through Colossal (which is a site that posts great artwork).  Tyree Callahan created the Chromatic Typewriter, and I personally wish that I could send emails this way!

Instead of letters on the typewriter, he replaced them with colors so you can now paint your letters out.  It creates a very ethereal picture, a very hazy, dreamy landscape.  To find out more about Callahan’s work check out his website!

Pop-Up Showcase: Kit Lau

Kit Lau: illustrator, designer, paper engineer, and friend of the studio!  Mr. Lau was extremely nice to send us copies of his books ‘Pop-Up China’ and ‘Hong Kong Pop-Up’.

His pop-ups are very atmospheric and you really get a sense of space.  Especially in ‘Hong Kong Pop-Up’, you go on a journey of different types of dwellings.  I loved the big walled city pop up with the crowded tall buildings and being able to look down into the center.  Mr. Lau also created an amazingly huge pop-up of the Great Wall of China!  It’s over 4 feet long when it’s open! Check out more of Kit Lau’s work on his website!

DIY Pop-Up: Reindeer

The holidays are upon us, which means we will all be sending out cards to our loved ones!  Why not make them something special, like this DIY Reindeer pop-up card?  Matthew was on the Martha Stewart show a while back and showed her how to make this wonderful card.  You can watch the show below and download templates to make your very own DIY Reindeer pop-up card!

Click here to watch Matthew teach Martha how to make the Reindeer pop-up, and click here to download the DIY Reindeer template.

Matthew on Breakfast Television

You can tell it was early, right? Matthew was still a little slow last Friday morning in Toronto, but he had a fantastic time talking about Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-Up Adventure with Melanie Ng on City TV.