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Artist Watch: Numen/For Use


Numen/For Use is a design collective made up of industrial designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković that specialize in creating large interactive installations, that use household items like tape or string to create futuristic transparent tunnels that viewers can walk in.

Artist Watch: Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya painstakingly assembles large scale sculptures and portraits piece by piece with thousands of LEGO blocks. This New York based artist is currently on tour with his popular exhibition, THE ART OF BRICK.

Artist Watch: Hua Tunan

Hua Tunan combines traditional Chinese art forms with western graffiti styles to create powerful portraits of animals that are full of chaotic patterns and color. His splatter technique creates a sense of motion that makes the animals jump off the page.

Artist Watch: Patrick Acton

Patrick Acton

Patrick Acton, an artist from Iowa (actually, my birth state, too), makes the three little pigs look like amateurs!  A master of matchstick sculpture, he builds each model using nothing but needle nosed pliers and glue, patiently adding thousands of matchsticks one stick at a time.

Artist Watch: Nick Roche

In the world of the Transformers, mere mention of the artist/writer/dare-I-even-say-genius Nick Roche will put a grin on your face module that stretches from one audio receptor to the other.  Only a very few other writers over the last thirty years have truly brought such excitement, emotion, and depth to our favorite ‘Robots In Disguise’, whether its in his emotive drawing style or intriguing story lines.  Check out some Nick Roche’s finest work in IDW’s Transformers: The Last Stand Of The Wreckers and the ongoing series Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye!

Artist Watch: Charles Clary

Charles Clary’s delicately cuts paper designs and carefully layers them together to create these stunning structures. Clary explains that his work is intended to “mimic viral colonies and concentric sound waves” Take a look inside his world that’s both playful and beautiful.

Artist Watch: Julie VonDerVellen

I came across Julie VonDerVellen’s work last year.  It really is amazing what one can do with paper.  VonDerVellen creates garments out of handmade paper (which is made out of recycled cotton clothing).

She says that “garments evoke memories; memories evoke garments” and she’s right. Her pieces are intricately woven and painstakingly put together to re-create garments. The paper also has the story of the specific memory printed on it thus binding the memory and the garment together. Check out more of her work here.

Artist Watch: Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama

I wish I could have gone to Australia to see this exhibition (and maybe even partake in it!).  Yayoi Kusama (born 1929) created in installation at the Queensland Art Gallery in Australia that was a couple of “domestic-syle rooms” like a living room and kitchen.  But everything was painted white.  And once the exhibition opened, the children who visited the museum were given colored dot stickers to decorate the rooms!  How amazing is that?  Here are a few photos from the ‘Obliteration Room’ installation.

Artist Watch: Zim & Zou

We came across the work of two young artists, Lucie Thomas and Thimbault Zimmerman, and had to see more. They are the duo behind Zim & Zou, a studio based in Nancy, France. Their colorful, whimsical images are photographs of objects and paper sculpture. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do!