DIY Pop-Up: C3PO

For this DIY Pop-Up you will need:

  • Cardstock or heavy construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paper clip, or ballpoint pen that has run out of ink, or a knitting needle
  • Crayons, colored pencils, markers


1 Download the PDF templates and print out at 100% size (no scaling) on a heavy paper, such as cardstock.
2 Color all of your pieces with crayons or markers before scoring and cutting.

3 Using the ruler as a guide, take the rounded end of a paper clip and press along the dotted lines of the pop-up pieces and card.
4 Carefully cut the pop-up pieces and card following the solid black lines. When you’re done, you should have 5 pieces total, including the card.
5 Take your card and fold it in half. Set the card aside for now.

6 Take your C-3PO main body piece and fold it in half.
7 Now fold both tabs “A” and “B” towards you as shown in the photo. Crease well.
8 Flip the body piece over and fold the tabs “A” and “B” away from you. Crease well.

9 Take C-3PO’s head “D” on the main body piece and crease it towards you.
10 Now fold and crease C-3PO’s head “D” away from you.
11 Take his main body piece and push it back away from you so that the grey glue areas are in front of you.

12 Now push his head on the main body piece towards you. Set this piece aside for now.
13 Take his mid-section and fold the left tab “B” as shown away from you. Do the same to the other right “C” tab.
14 Fold the piece in half as shown. Unfold to its original position and set it aside.

15 Now take your C-3PO piece and apply a small amount of glue to the two areas marked “Glue Here A”.
16 Take your C-3PO mid-section and line up over “Glue Here A” so that the bottom edges of both pieces are straight on top of each other. Press firmly and let the glue dry. Set this piece aside.
17 Take the leg piece and fold it in half away from you.

18 Crease the corner tabs towards you starting with “E”, the left side of the leg. Repeat this Step on the right side marked “F”. Put it back to its original position and set this piece aside.
19 Now take C-3PO’s main body piece and apply glue to area “Glue Here D”.
20 Take his head and line it over “Glue Here D”. Press firmly and let the glue dry.

21 Place C-3PO’s arms in front of his body as shown here.
22 Apply glue to tab areas “B” and “C” on your card.
23 Align tab “B” and “C” directly over it’s corresponding “Glue Here B” and “Glue Here C”. Press firmly and let the glue dry. [Note: Tabs “B” and “C” will tuck under the mid-section.

24 Apply a small amount of glue to areas “Glue Here E” and “Glue Here F” on your card.
25 Take C-3PO’s legs and align them over “Glue Here E” and “Glue Here F”. Press firmly and let the glue dry.
26 Begin to carefully close your card. C-3PO’s main body piece will shrink inside his mid-section and his legs will swing up. Press firmly and let the glue dry.

27 Open your card! You’ve now completed your C-3PO pop-up!