Artist Watch: Tom Whalen

Tom Whalen is an astoundingly talented illustrator, designer and werewolf hunter with a true love for the characters he depicts in his work, including some of my very own favorites – like Decepticon Communicator Soundwave, the evil sorceror Skeletor and the mute ninja commando Snake Eyes.

A limited edition of the two prints pictured here will be available from Thursday, October 11 through Sunday, October 14, 2012 at New York Comic Con booth 1681. Bold, colorful, inspiring and expressive – he shares my interests in super hero comic books, transforming toy robots and the complete domination of the Universe (kidding on that last one… maybe). After the Zombie-pocalypse when the robots inevitably take control, you can be assured Tom Whalen will be the official artist of Earth’s new metallic overlords!